About me

I’m a designer in the City of Angels. Digital. Print. Presentations. I’ve worked mostly for big PR firms and advertising agencies with freelance clients along the way.

As a modern graphic generalist, I am at home designing for websites, wireframing, creating social tiles and infographics. I’m equally capable of taking print projects from concept through production. And having an agency background, I have lots of experience in creating high-end presentations. All with an eye on the brand.

I love working with vibrant brands and smart people.
Each position throughout my career has contributed to how I work today: crafting websites honed a desire for hierarchy, knowing the importance of maintaining a singular visual language, respecting the work’s intended result and recognizing the essential nature of team; photo retouching and image compositing have made me open to the opportunities that arrive when chance and change blend with technique; and my early years as a production designer imprinted the idea that there’s always room for improvement while perfect rarely exists.

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes less is less. It's important to be able to make that distinction.
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